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Sweden former member Algeroth Dates
Sweden former member C@tt!z Dates
Sweden former member Flugan Dates
Germany former member Funcar Dates
Sweden former member Kao Dates
Germany former member Kuruption * Dates
Denmark former member Lemonade Dates
Germany former member Marcia Dates
Sweden former member Mogge * Dates
Poland former member Public_Enemy Dates
Sweden former member Saint Dates
Germany former member Stausen * Dates
United States of America former member Sythest Dates
Sweden former member Zeldic Dates
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We are the Playboybunnies but were not just sexy...
We are a clan with many different players who all have their special skills,humor and nationality!!Our goal is to have much fun and to get a popular clan!!
Our roots are in sweden and the mother of ~*_PBB_*~ is Cattiz,so we are all fighting in Cattiz´good intentions!!! MEET US!!
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla