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Members (5)
Bulgaria former member Bullard Dates
Sweden former member Hades Dates
Germany former member SwiFt Dates
Sweden former member Vatrorom Dates
Germany former member Wingthor Dates
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The ‘hostile’ clan was created by Gouthmog and Bullard in May 09. We decided to leave TSB and start a new chapter. Although it was a hard decision to make, we needed a new challenge which would give us the motivation to play Rune more dedicated and to have more fun. A few friends decided to follow us – Wingthor, 4head. We still consider everyone in TSB as friends and we are grateful to the clan for the many hours of gaming we spent with them.

Our aim is to create a close community of players who trust each other, have fun personalities and fear noone in Rune. We oppose to all cheaters, coders and hackers and we despise them.
This is the start of a long lasting project and we’ll do our best to fulfil it.
Hail ‘hostile’!
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla