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The Killer Clan
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Members (17)
Turkey inactive member ConquEROR Dates
Germany inactive member DaS_CooL-KoPf Dates
Germany inactive member DreckSau Dates
United Kingdom inactive member Jokerman * Dates
Sweden inactive member MasTeR Dates
France inactive member MEga_wARri0r(FR) Dates
Sweden inactive member MoNsTeR Dates
Belgium inactive member Reblz Dates
Sweden inactive member unnerVing Dates
International former member D.A.R.K. Dates
Germany former member FiRePolOtiOn Dates
Germany former member kiler Dates
Scandinavia former member MIGHTYMAN Dates
Germany former member oWniNg_WiiZaRd Dates
Sweden former member powerMAN Dates
Germany former member sTyL3R_52 * Dates
Switzerland former member SUnHeRo Dates
Information Versions playing
28 August 2007: MasTeR has returned! The Killer Clan has awakened from its two years of slumber. We are a prosperous clan, with great honor and great skill. We now recruit again.

2 October 2007: It is possible that MasTeR will stay inactive as long as until the middle of December. MoNsTeR (new co-leader) and sTyL3R_52 (new trustee) will lead The Killer Clan from now on, until MasTeR returns.

9 November 2007: Trustee sTyL3R_52 has left The Killer Clan. Jokerman is made new trustee.

16 November 2007: Overseer MIGHTYMAN has left us. We mourn.

27 November 2007: Berserker D.A.R.K. has chosen to depart! May fortune bless him in days to come.

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