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Sons of Northern Darkness
Members (31)
Ukraine active member Blasphemer * Dates
Croatia active member ThE_CroW Dates
Croatia active member Tsarblast Dates
Canada active member Warcult Dates
Austria inactive member Blitznuckel Dates
Switzerland inactive member Cauldron Born * Dates
Germany inactive member DerHallo Dates
Austria inactive member DickTator * Dates
Germany inactive member Iscariah Dates
Italy inactive member Orsobirra Dates
Sweden former member Amroth Dates
Not specified former member Beregrim Dates
Germany former member Cr@wler Dates
Poland former member DamN_NooB Dates
Germany former member Dominhall Dates
Germany former member Fenris Dates
Sweden former member Jackzz Dates
Germany former member MaVerick Dates
Finland former member Orion Dates
Germany former member PaganSpirit Dates
Denmark former member POLO Dates
Germany former member Pr3D4t0r Dates
Finland former member Pulverizer Dates
Germany former member R@siel666 Dates
Austria former member RoOtS Dates
Germany former member Schlachter_Heinz Dates
Austria former member Slayer Dates
Not specified former member SlipKnot{666} Dates
Germany former member Sterbehilfe Dates
United Kingdom former member Trey Dates
Austria former member Wargod Dates
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Legend - Myth - Might - Wrath - SPAM!

We are the Sons of Northern Darkness and we like long-haired men in tight leather!
No skill, but still - hair like a windmill!

Alcohol, Metal & Rune since 2005 - Welcum to the Northern side of life!
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla