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Masters Of Hardcore
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Members (16)
Netherlands inactive member Grandma Dates
Netherlands inactive member Grandpa Dates
Poland inactive member P!otr Dates
Estonia former member Dracula Dates
Norway former member Dreamer Dates
Netherlands former member Endymion Dates
Estonia former member exe * Dates
Netherlands former member Gizmo Dates
Sweden former member Mem Dates
Not specified former member Myth Dates
Netherlands former member Promo Dates
Belgium former member Purazon Dates
Not specified former member Ruffneck Dates
Germany former member Slayer Dates
Netherlands former member Unexist Dates
Austria former member Wyveran Dates
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The Masters of Hardcore clan was founded in the early November 2005. we died 2 months later, cause angerfist went to VnB

Moh is revived!
We started up in early 2007.