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PkP horde
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Members (44)
Poland active member BlackMamba Dates
Poland active member Dooman * Dates
Poland active member Xandar * Dates
Poland active member Abyss Dates
Poland active member Acz Dates
Poland active member AK-47 Dates
Poland active member Elwood_Blues Dates
Poland active member Grzes aka Pancake! Dates
Poland active member JohnyZarizony Dates
Poland active member Minotauro Dates
Poland active member Nati Dates
Poland active member Orion aka Jake Blues Dates
Poland active member oTT Dates
Poland active member Rogacz Dates
Poland active member Schomik Dates
Poland active member Stieusz Dates
Hungary active member Voy Dates
Poland inactive member Azazel Dates
United States of America inactive member Bragi Dates
Not specified inactive member Celtin Dates
Poland inactive member de$tr([])yeR Dates
Poland inactive member dNb_rozpierdol * Dates
Poland inactive member Dymi Dates
Poland inactive member Dzidek Dates
Poland inactive member EspenLund Dates
Poland inactive member IronMan Dates
Poland inactive member Jawor Dates
Poland inactive member Lobo Dates
Poland inactive member Madness Dates
Denmark inactive member Mastema^Taw Dates
Not specified inactive member Musak Dates
Not specified inactive member pirlo Dates
Not specified inactive member Reluz0 Dates
Netherlands inactive member SINISter Dates
Poland inactive member SoundVave Dates
Poland inactive member Typ Dates
Not specified inactive member Vierzba Dates
Poland inactive member Zatoichi Dates
Poland former member Acme Dates
Poland former member Ark Dates
Not specified former member Exotic Dates
Poland former member Gauri Dates
Poland former member I$ak* Dates
France former member Sevran Dates
Information Versions playing
Clan was born in 06.06.2005

We are indivisible group,=PkP=is a honor tag
which means Polish Owners Clan.We distinct
only outstanding HOV fighters with it!
Clan was founded on DM-Bothvar map
which is consider as our home.
=PkP=fighters always fight with honor
but interpretation of this word can be
subjective so take care of your heads.
RUNE 1.0X RUNE: Halls of Valhalla