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Storm of Asgard
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Germany inactive member Fire Dates
Sweden inactive member Frantic Dates
Netherlands inactive member Gambit Dates
Germany inactive member Hechsler Dates
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In the summer of 2006 a brotherhood of players in the great game of Rune was founded. Their main objective was to bring chaos and destruction to all who stood in their way. The clan called itself Storm. The comming Storm that will spread from server to server, untill all fears our name.

Where will you stand? Among the ones who perish, or with us, the rulers of the Storm!

The clan are currently open for any interested, for those of you who think you are brave enough, or think you are good enough to join our brotherhood. You will face a couple of hard tests to see if you're worthy to fight with us in what will become the next Ragnarok!

"This is just the calm before the storm" -Lt. Bellick

- Storm of Asgard
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla