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Members (10)
Germany former member Darth Ubeg Dates
Germany former member DaSalo Dates
Croatia former member drug trader Dates
Germany former member fuckinLou Dates
Denmark former member Gravedraq Dates
Italy former member hellviking Dates
Germany former member KampfL3rk Dates
Germany former member NosTrA Dates
Jordan former member SmOoRy Dates
Germany former member the CreaTurE Dates
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This server is offline! clan [MUA] - HAL9000 ///
This server is offline! clan [MUA] - MOTHER ///
Information Versions playing
Clan [MUA], is now back on RUNE HoV.
We're the clan that brought the '[MUA] Fusion Torch' to Rune ... boom!

And sadly, after a very short time of fun, we are gone again. Life happens.
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla