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Unholy Horde H.O.V
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Demons and Hellspawn, Devils and Familiars, Ghouls and Ghosts, Heed our call! May the enemies of the everlasting Horde burn in Eternity!

I, the glorious founder of the Great Horde, the Mighty MuffinMan, greet thee, warrior.
I will now tell you the tale of our creation. I will tell you of the moments when the four horsemen of the Apocalypse ravaged the earth, and how we, from the ashes of the once glorious forests, and the debris of the grand mountains, arised, to shake the very foundations of the earth...

I, the Almighty MuffinMan, and the Honourable F!erce], founded this order. At its first moments of sweet sweet life, it was trembling, threatened to be engulfed by the larger clans and guilds. However, we managed to keep control of our small order, and soon all our hard work was rewarded. After a week or so, our ranks had grown to the number of half a dussin members. All was well, and the danger had long since past. Or so I thought. Moments after that thought had left my mind, a disturbing message reached my eyes. F!erce] left. Saying he didn't feel comfortable in our horde. The pain and sorrow of our ranks threatened to suffocate the clan. However, one man saved us all in these times of deepest despair. His name was {HyPeR}, or Chris, as he preferrs to be called.

In short, this is what happened, I and F!erce] created the UH, then he left, and {HyPeR} helped me take care of things. Shortly thereafter I promoted him as a token of my gratitude. FlabbyNinja, who was a good friend of Chris, did nothing. He just went inactive after a few days. Hoping he'd change if he had a bit more to do with the horde, I promoted him too. He just stayed that way.

When he became active again, he initiated it with insulting me deeply and leaving because I didn't feel like playing rune at one occation.

Many other disturbing events have happened to our order since, but I won't bore you any longer. Thank you for your time, this is the MuffinMan signing out.

-=[The Unholy Horde Shall Triumph!]=-
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla